Chris Johnson reads thoughts. He knows what people think, discerning names of friends, family, and even people you haven't known for a long time. He can also read your body language and the lines on your hands.

Imagine the looks on your guests' faces when Chris tells them all about themselves! Chris brings that extra dimension of mystery and mirth that leaves magicians, psychics and sceptics scratching their heads - but smiling at the same time.

Psychic Soirees

Imagine you, your friends and family, and a charming mentalist at your next home party. Add some wine, cheese and nibblies, and you will have a special occasion that will amaze and delight your friends for weeks to come.

Chris Johnson, a psychic entertainer with nearly 30 years experience, will take you all on a rollercoaster journey in your minds. It's a trip you will never forget, and it all happens in your living room.

You will experience live demonstrations of mind power, have your palm read, and much more.

Corporate Events

Imagine seeing into your clients' minds, knowing what they think, and helping them see how you can help them. That's what Chris does everyday, and he can show you how.

Chris has helped dentists, doctors, salespeople, and many other professionals use mentalism in the workplace. He can help you too.

How Does He Do It?

Chris Johnson knows people. He watches them for a living, communicating to them on their level, and finds ways to enrich their lives. Besides that, he's an experienced entertainer, showing people the wonders of their mind and how to experience that feeling every day.

Next Steps...

So, what are you waiting for? Press Call to Action, and let the magic begin!