Psychic Readings

Bring a touch of mystery to your next event with Chris Johnson's Tarot and Palmistry.

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Psychic Soirées

Imagine you, your friends, some wine and nibblies, and a charming mentalist in your home.

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Corporate Shows

Readings and a Floor Show for your next business or corporate function.

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Chris Johnson - THE MENTALIST is Australia’s own Mentalist and is taking the world by storm. A walking breathing human X-File,
Chris Johnson blends the magic of the mind and ESP with talent and humour to create a comfortable and relaxed, yet challenging and stimulating experience for his audience as well as his show's participants.

In a powerful display of both group experiments and individual exercises, Chris will uniquely demonstrate on you, your colleagues, family and friends his talents that everyone is talking about. Chris displays ESP, Mindreading, Psychokinesis and Suggestion such a way that he will not disappoint any public or corporate audience; instead they will leave wondering... ‘Just how did he do that?’

In a typical performance, you can expect to see Chris Johnson ask participants to concentrate on subjects they would like to share; names of friends, family, pets, locations, memories. The sort of things we all encounter in basic everyday life. Chris will then focus with them and tell them what they are thinking. He can predict what they are about to do, including what chair they will be sitting in. He will bend metal and, with certain volunteers, even help them in bending metal with their minds.

Chris Johnson's performances are flexible, enabling him to entertain in a variety of situations including small intimate groups, cocktail parties, after-dinner audiences or a stage show in the theatre/banquet type setting.

Audiences across Australia and from abroad have all been astounded by his work with many of them inviting him for return performances.

As one of the only professional mentalists in Australia, Chris Johnson is capable of working in a wide range of venues from corporate events, fundraisers, weddings, adult and family entertainment.

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Next Steps...

Drop a note, and one of Chris' dedicated staff will answer your enquiries and make your next event a special occasion.